Maestro Knows Ep 6 - Johnny Cupcakes

You guys have probably heard of Maestro Knows aka Levi Maestro already, but if you haven't I hope this is a fitting introduction. The guys pretty much inspiration and positivity amplified tenfold. And if you follow his twitter feed the goodwill flows, sometimes a bit overwhelming but when you've had that type of day it always brightens it up. On his site Maestro goes out there with camera in hand and posts videos of himself being immersed in the world of the creative people that inspire him. The latest episode focuses on Johnny Cupcakes ( which is a great story in itself and one of my favourite brand names ever ) his amazing house and a great insight into the man behind the cupcakes.

Definitely this one of my top Maestro Knows episodes along with the one on photographer Jonathan Mannion and the Nike Campus , but you guys should check them out and judge for yourselves here.

Photo above by Ailine Liefeld via article on Freunde von Freunden

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