HOUSE - Season Six Finale shot with Canon 5DmkII

Pretty exciting news that the entire episode of the House Season Six Finale was shot with the Canon 5DmkII. It's very interesting to see the progression of HDSLR's as a viable option to shoot TV shows and films. The teaser above is a snippet of that final episode that was shot with the 5DmkII. Greg Yaitanes the director of the finale episode talks about his experience with using the 5DmkII for the shoot in this great interview by Phillip Bloom which you can listen to below.

Make sure you check out Phillip Blooms website and Momentum for more info on the House shoot and their other great articles on the subject of HDSLR's and much more.

Interview with Greg Yaitanes about Season Finale of HousebyPhilipBloom

The XX "Islands" Dir. Saam Farahmand

GAIKING - Teaser Trailer