SoundYeah - iPad App

After reading about Henry Chu's iPad app SoundYeah from Creative Applications way back in July, I have been eagerly awaiting its release. As soon it came out on the app store I snapped it up and gave it a go and it hasn't disappointed. I've actually had quite a lot of fun creating and recording my own samples and just mocking around with them in the app.

I also recorded some music samples by placing my iPhone and playing music near the mic, its not great quality but it does the job. I'll have to take a shot at the custom cable that Chu discusses about on his site so I can record samples straight into the headphone jack.

There are a lot of other music apps out there on the iPad, but I'm always keeping my eye out for something that's easy to use and aesthetically pleasing to look at. The app interface for SoundYeah itself is beautifully designed without to much clutter and once you get around the touch gestures to activate the different functions it becomes a treat to use.

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via Creative Applications

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