Softbank - Japan Texture iPhone 3G/3Gs Case

I've been on the lookout for the right case to get for my iPhone 4 and in the interim I have been using my old 3G case which isn't quite the best look. While searching I came across these stunning cases made by Softbank called "Japan Texture" which are a special edition range they created to honor samurai warriors DATE Masamune, ODA Nobunaga, UESUGI Kenshin, NAOE Kanetsugu and SANADA Yukumira.

If that isn't a great back story to tell about a case I don't know what is!

Employing traditional Japanese art and using extremely skilled craftsmen painting with urushi lacquer, Softbank along with lacquer company Zohiko have created some beautiful cases. Normally I would have snapped these up in a second but two major drawbacks stopped that from happening: the cases cost about $1000 each ( yikes ) and no case for the iPhone 4.

And so the search continues.....

Check the cases out in hi-res glory at Flickr

via Ginkgraph via Gaijinlife

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