The Reality of Artist Development Deals at Major Labels

Owen Husney who was previously the manager for Prince, discusses the state of the current modern music industry and the lack of artist development that occurs. He also discusses the longevity of current artists vs the quick return or "silver platter" approach that some labels have taken on board. There are certainly a lot of discussion points that can be taken from this video, one most prevalent is the topic of music as "art vs business".

Seeing an artist develop over each new album release for myself is great to experience as a fan. And while the frenetic pace of new music becoming "viral" and disappearing continues to increase, hopefully there will still be artists that you get to see grow on every new album release and enjoy that ride with them.

Side note : With so many "access" points to new music and so many artists appearing left right and centre, if you can achieve longevity in this over saturated "viral" market that's gotta count for something.

via Pigeons and Planes

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