Might & Wonder - Tumblr Retrospective from ( Jun 2009 - Dec 2010 )

As the saying goes "You can tell a lot about a man by his shoes", I wonder if its the same with his tumblr. What does my tumblr say about me? hmmm.

Anyway another year has gone by and being in reflective mode, I thought it would be interesting to see if there was a way to get an overall view of all my tumblr posts. I remembered a site called Tumblr Mosaic Viewer which was particularly handy in displaying all the image posts someone had made on Tumblr (limit of 1000 images I think) by searching for their Tumblr ID.

So I typed in my Tumblr ID and had to figure out how to screenshot the image results in one go. I found this great extension ScreenGrab! For Firefox which pretty much did the job.

If you would like to view all my posts in that one image click here. (the image size is quite large and is approx 13mb)

If you do have a Tumblr I recommend giving this a try, it is a really great way to reflect on the past posts you have made.

You can also just go to your tumblr archive section and view all your posts but I prefer the Mosaic Viewer because it doesn't break the posts into months.

Side Note:

I share the images I come across on the internet as a fan of the pictures/picture subject. I claim no ownership or copyright of any of the images posted except those taken by me. If you are the owner of a specific image & would like it removed, please contact me & I will do so promptly.

Russian guy sounds like Kurt Cobain

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!