The Sartorialist - Visual Life by Intel

As part of their Visual Life campaign Intel have created a great short piece focusing on blogger Scott Schuman from The Sartorialist and his approach to capturing photos for his site. It's been put together very well even though it having just been shot before the holidays. The photos taken in the video are also the recent posts you can view on The Sartorialist.

Sidenote: Way back before I setup Might & Wonder I went to the book signing for The Sartorialist book (which you should check out if you can) when Scott Schuman was in Sydney.

That was a great experience and my first time to a book signing, some photos from the night are below. Also when you get your photo taken with someone who has such a great eye you need to be on your game, and what do I do? I close my eyes in the photo. Let that be a lesson to you all and what's with my hair?

via Nickel Cobalt

A-Trak @ Oxford Art Factory 08/01/11

Happiest Penguin Ever