Sampling Soul - 9th Wonder [Duke University]

1. Art of Sampling: Brief Intro video to the Duke University Course.

2. Sampling Soul: 9th Wonder and the rest of the panel breakdown and discuss the Nas album Illmatic. (If you can't watch whole thing go to 1:07:54 where they discuss Top 5 MC's and Producers.)

3. Sampling MOTOWN: 9th Wonder & Mark Anthony Neal talk to Harry Weinger vice president of A&R for Universal Music Enterprises who has been involved with overseeing the catalogues of Motown. They discuss the impact of Motown music and sampling in some well known songs.

4. Maestro Knows - Episode 8 (Professor Wonder): Maestro tags along with 9th Wonder into one of his "Sampling Soul" classes as he teaches some of the students to sample. I love the expressions on 9th's face when the students get the beat right.

For those that love their hip-hop and soul, "Sampling Soul" is a course running at Duke University with instructors 9th Wonder aka Patrick Douthit who has worked with artists such as Mary J. Blige, Wale, Jay-Z as well as Drake and Mark Anthony Neal a Professor at the Department of African and African American Studies at Duke.

You can check out the course syllabus here over at Neals website to find out its structure. Seriously though if there was a course like this in Sydney where they just talked all things hip-hop and soul and got into conversations like Top five MC's etc how crazy would that be!

If you do appreciate the finer things in music production and sampling, the videos above are a treat (Be warned two of the vids above are pretty lengthy just over an hour each.) Check out the descriptions under each video for info. If you don't have time to check out the lengthy videos, I recommend watching the second video "Sampling Soul" and go to about 1:07:54 and just sit back and relax listening to the panel compare their Top 5 MC's and Producers.

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