TDK Chronicles: Nas & The Strokes [Video]

Kudos to TDK for releasing their Chronicles video series featuring Nas & The Strokes. The videos look at the past practice of making mixtapes on cassettes and what it was like before CD's and MP3's. Nas and The Strokes weigh in on their own cassette experiences and what music they used to record on their stereos.

Getting all nostalgic listening to them talk and thinking back to some of my own mixtape experiences (don't laugh):

a) Here in Australia, to listen to the latest tracks from the US you had to wait till it was played on our stations. But for a few years every Sunday the Rick Dee's (Yes Rick Dee's) Top 40 countdown used to play from the US and I would always have my tape ready to record the tracks that I liked and share them around the school that week. The first time hearing Bone Thugs "Crossroads". Epic.

b) I think it was Power FM local radio where they for an hour or so played just punk music and I would get on that and record it.

c) Making mixtapes and recording my own voice as a radio announcer between songs. Good times.

Get nostalgic watch these videos and check out the TDK site for more info on the Chronicles video series.

via Devour

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