Designers Respond to Help Japan

In response to the earthquake and tsunami tragedy in Japan, designers have responded in the best way that they know. Creating these pieces below with the sale proceeds going to support the people of Japan in their time of need. Sidenote: - If you know of any more posters let me know on twitter @mightandwonder and I will add them here.

Click on the pieces below to be directed to place of purchase.

1. Help Japan poster by Signalnoise

2. Help Japan poster by W+K Studio

3. Help Japan poster by Aoiro Studio

4. Army for Japan T-shirt by Hydro74

5. OVM Lotus War scarf by James Jean

6. Donate to Japan - Red Cross poster by Zac Neulieb

The list was getting pretty long so venture on there are more pieces after the jump..


7. Help Japan poster by Leukocyt

8. Land Of The Risking Kitten print by Pussies On Parade

9. Pray for Japan poster by Anthony Gargasz Not for sale.

10. Help Japan poster by Rob Dobi

11. Help Japan poster by Anna Sangha

12. Stay Strong poster by Everlong Design

13. Help Japan Poster Inspired By James White From Signalnoise poster by Jorden Tually

14. Pray for Japan poster by Aaron Miller

15. LOVE JAPAN. HELP JAPAN. poster by Sunjay Morar

16. Find Hope In Still Waters poster by Sophie Adams

17. Print 070/365 poster by Hannes Beer

18. Help Japan poster by Maxim Barkhatov

19. Rebuild poster by Sam Weston

20. Help Japan poster by Alexa Falcone

21. Japan poster by Daniel Freytag

22. Resilience poster by Designhim

23. Japan Earthquake poster by Adam Chang

24. Pray for Japan poster by Tinkle Bel

25. We Can Help poster by Monica Yael Garcia

26. Big In Japan poster by Shmeeizer

27. Shed A Tear poster by Jack Kingham

28. Help Japan poster by Joanna Jelly

29. Help Japan poster by Sokai Yoon

30. Help Heal Hope poster by Laurence King

31. Japan On My Mind poster by Christopher David Ryan

32. Crisis in Japan Bloomberg Businessweek Cover by Noma Bar

33. Japan by Susana Machicao Pacheco

34. Haiku poster by Network Osaka

35. Tribute to Japan poster by Cheng Han Wu

36. Japan poster by Robert Troutman

37. Help Japan poster by Create Berlin

38. Senbazuru poster by Jessica Moon

39. Compassion Help Hope by Respiro Media

40. One Love Japan by Digitulpower

41. Japan Type Map by James McDonald

42. 9.0 by Kurunya

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