Sons of Rico - Miss Adventure [Music Video]

It's finally out!! The music video I've been helping out on with pre-vis and post production in all its random glory!! The band is Sons of Rico and the track is "Miss Adventure". I thought I'd celebrate the completion of the video with the poster above.

It outlines some of the random happenings in the stop motion clip. The crew were ridiculously dedicated under the direction of the Art & Animation Director Maggie Brink and Director Adam Callen.

Sidenote: Any of those features outlined in the poster could be a band name in itself. Headline act - CRAB BABIES!!

The Crew:

Director: Adam Callen Art & Animation Director: Maggie Brink Post Production: Kero Luangrath Additional Camera: Benedict Brink Minions: Chris Comstock Daniel Jones Nadz Banaag Mel Sultana

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