Jeff Staple - ‘The Accident’ [PSFK Conference Asia 2008]

I'm late on this but I found this video of Jeff Staple from Staple Design talking at the PSFK Asia Conference back in 2008. In the video Jeff talks about "The Accident" and the different events that led him to where he is now, operating an apparel/retail setup as well as a design/consultation service working with global brands such as Nike, Burton and more. His retail store can also be converted to an art gallery where he has had shows for artists like Cody Hudson, Phunk Studio and Parra.

The quality of the video isn't great to see the diagrams that Jeff displays but listening to him talk is worth watching and getting an insight into his beginnings and how he has built Staple Design and Reed Space to where it is now.

Check out the Reed Space site and online store here.

via PSFK

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