Music & More From Beaufort

She Don't Care (Tiger Version) by Beaufort

Kraken by Beaufort

Galliano 96 by Beaufort

Being a bit biased here but I've worked with Beaufort before on some music videos for Bag Raiders and Pomomofo and he is an extremely talented guy who also makes some great tunes. I have posted the "She Don't Care" track before, but this time around I have included a new track "Galliano 96" and an old one "Kraken" for special reasons because Justice dropped this track in a set recently (video above). Seriously how insanely cool is that. Justice drops your track in a set! Watch out for this guy. Beaufort.

He also has a short film coming out called "Burning Hearts" which features "a huge one-take 3 minute fight scene inspired by Final Fight and Streets of Rage". Some images below. I'm sold.

Serenading Unicorn Serenades Sarah Silverman

Kanye West @ Coachella 2011