Midi-Fighter - Round 1

Got a new toy last week thanks to the team at DJ TechTools my new Midi-Fighter arrived. I've been playing around with it a bit in Logic triggering samples and just started using it with Traktor as well. I'm new at Traktor so still learning the ropes. I downloaded the mapping from DJ TechTools for Traktor and loaded it up to give it a go.

So for Round 1 with the Midi-Fighter I recorded myself triggering effects while Daft Punk's "Derezzed" track played. I got a bit carried away but had a lot of fun, I'll try to show some restraint next time with the effects. (Also my hands randomly move half-way or so during the clip. It was the equivalent of head-nodding. Hard to control.)

I took the video into After Effects to give it that arcade feel and added some lens flares, as you do.

For more info check out these links: Midi-Fighter, Dj TechTools, Traktor.

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