Olly Moss Art Show @ Gallery 1988

Olly Moss Art Show @ Gallery 1988 from Threadless.com on Vimeo.

Whenever I see a new piece done by Olly Moss, I'm always like why didn't I think of that? The reason I didn't think of that is because Moss operates on another level, and his wit and the cleverness through his designs always astounds. Recently Moss had an art show put on at Gallery 1988 which he had been preparing 6 months for. The show itself featured pop culture icons rendered as paper-cut silhouettes.

Heavy on nostalgia, each paper-cut I see from photos of the event and the video above put a smile on my face. So many standouts that seem to have all been snapped up (and rightfully so) during the shows run, I would have loved to have got my hands on the Ratatouille one.

Video by Craig Shimala

via Surfstation

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