$10 Million Dollar Original Opening Sequence for SUPERMAN RETURNS

This being absolutely insane, Bryan Singers Superman Returns film had an opening sequence which was said to have cost $10 million dollars to create and here's the kicker it wasn't used. Cut from the final film this unused opening sequence is a bonus feature on the Superman Anthology Blu-Ray collection.

The sequence itself for an opening didn't quite do it for me and it seems justified to have left it out, though to have spent the $10 million on it and then make that decision. Wow.

I thought there were some great moments in Bryan Singers 2006 Superman film but it didn't quite reach the highs I was hoping it would go to. Hopefully Zack Snyder can take it there.

Note: Can someone make Superman's ship Kryptonite proof or at least detect it.

via Geek Tyrant & NY Mag

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