BAG RAIDERS 'Fun Punch' [Music Video Poster]

So way back in 2007 I had a great opportunity to help produce a music video for the Bag Raiders with their track 'Fun Punch'. I worked with a very talented director named Beaufort (who also makes some great music as well) and it was a really great experience that I thought I would make a poster for it.

I'm a big fan of renowned artist Drew Struzan and the composition of his film posters and I thought with all the set photography I had at my disposal, I wanted to have a crack and do my best at making a poster that was Drew Struzan-esque but with my own touches as well. Okay so that was 2007, I spent half a weekend working on the poster didn't get too far, got sidetracked, and did not touch it since. I found that Photoshop file this weekend and decided to make things right and finally finish what I started so long ago. After opening the file up I realized that I really wasn't great at Photoshop back in 2007, so I decided start from scratch. With some time spent last night and some time today here is the result, a few years between start and finish but we got there (finally).

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