UP by Jawbone

Jawbone, the creators of award winning Bluetooth headsets and their recent Jambox wireless speaker and speakerphone have recently unveiled their new product 'UP'.

'UP' is a combination of a wristband ($99) and iPhone app (free) that work together to track your movements, sleep patterns and what you eat. The results are captured by the wristband worn 24/7 or entered by the user.

The information is displayed on the iPhone app and this is where the social element comes in, users can engage in challenges and collaborate with friends, family and people to support each other. The wristband itself vibrates to wake you up or when you have been inactive too long. Props to Jawbone for making the wristband aesthetically pleasing and something I would wear.

Hopefully I'll be able to get the 'UP' wristband in Sydney, I'd definitely like to give it a go. Being someone who has horrible sleep patterns this could be very useful and beneficial, especially the friendly nudges to get up if I've been sitting at work too long.

Visit JAWBONE for more info. via Fast Company Design

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