Burning Hearts [Teaser] Dir by Beaufort

Having worked with Beaufort before and hearing about his new short film project "Burning Hearts", I've been anxiously anticipating footage from the piece and this recently released teaser does not disappoint. I love the camera panning slowly past the action and the overall vibe of the trailer.

Sidenote: Seriously that Burning Hearts logo is nostalgically awesome and needs to be on a t-shirt!!

Check out Beaufort's blog for more info.

Film Description: In December 1989, the Nikkei index peaked, signalling the start of Japan's 'Lost Decade'. That same month, 'Final Fight' was released for the Super Nintendo - designed by the Japanese, influenced by American cinema.

Now, as the 'Lost Decade' enters it's third cycle and the world looks to China, the lost lambs come together to burn their hearts.

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