Girl Walk // All Day - 71 Minute Music Video


Chapter 1:

Chapter 2:

Girl Walk // All Day is a 71 minute dance music video set to Girl Talk's 2010 epic mashup album release "All Day". This awesome project features dancers performing their improvised moves in a wide range of public and private spaces across New York City.

The film itself will be released in short pieces on their website, you can watch parts 1 & 2 above along with the trailer. They have been rolling out the chapters on Tuesdays and Fridays starting from November 29th, 2011 and a screening of the full film is scheduled for December 8 with details on the poster above.

For more details on the project visit and for information on getting it screened somewhere near you visit their Get Involved page.

There has to be someplace in Sydney where we can get this screened....

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