Chip Kidd - Batman By Design [Pivot: AIGA Design Conference]

For the graphic designers out there that love comics, this ones for you. Chip Kidd is a renowned graphic designer of 25 years who with the chance of a lifetime gets to write his own Batman comic. Yep that's right he gets to write his own Batman comic. Presenting at the PIVOT:AIGA Design Conference, Kidd delves into the concept behind the project and some of the stunning progress artwork by comic artist Dave Taylor.

With a strong architectural aesthetic look for the book, Kidd and Taylor look towards highly regarded architectural drawer Hugh Ferris for inspiration, whose early city renderings from about the 1920s onwards helped influence the the look of Batman's Gotham City and the "Sky Captain of Tomorrow" film.

Some of the renderings of the locations in the book by Taylor are beautiful, especially the dance club "Ceiling" which sits high above the city at the intersection of four tall skyscrapers. The justification behind the Batman logo that Kidd has redesigned has made me really like his version as well. I love the composition of some of the panels (some using the Golden Mean) and also the bits and pieces of the story that we know so far. The comic itself is slated for a release later this year, definitely a must have.

via AIGA

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