Caine's Arcade

Now this is a great video. Caine is 9 years old and built an arcade out of cardboard, setting it up at the front of his dad's auto parts store.

Even though the games are made out of cardboard they still function. Caine has come up with some really ingenious ways to make the games work. He's thought of everything, from fun passes (which for $2 gets you 500 turns!!), the prizes for the games and even a verification system using calculators. When I first saw the cardboard arcade in the video, French director Michel Gondry popped into my head. It felt like a scene from one of his movies like Be Kind Rewind.

With all the hard work Caine has put in, he's only had one customer. That customer had the idea to make a short film and spread the word about Caine's awesome arcade. See it all unfold in the video.

Check out the site for Caine's Arcade.

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