M&W Photos – Saints Line

Every weekday morning I drive down Queen St, which is the main street in a suburb close to me called St Marys. Driving up this street takes me to the train station where I commute into the city. When I was young I used to walk up and down the street going to the different stores with my folks and nowadays I never venture there unless it is to catch a train.

Having recently purchased a new camera I have been making an effort to go on weekly shoots to build up my photography skills. With this new enthusiasm I've endeavoured to be more observant in looking for potential things to take a photo of. I've tried to train myself to be more active in spotting things, instead of being passive and ignoring the "little moments" in my surroundings.

One of the first things that caught my eye was the Hip Hop store (above) and it's black and white storefront tribute to some famous rappers. That first store set off a chain reaction and I began to notice that a lot of stores on the street had visuals airbrushed, graffitied or painted onto their shutters; so today I decided to venture out and take photos of them. Along the way I also took some photos of store names and store front items that I found to be interesting gems to capture.

With these ongoing photo sets I'm looking to get a side website up and running documenting all the photos I take; so stay tuned for that. In the meanwhile I hope you guys enjoy these photos, there's plenty more after the jump.

Photos shot with the Pentax K-01 and edited in Aperture with some help from the VSCO Film toolkit.

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