Children of Men - Every shot 45 seconds or longer

Alfonso Cuaron's "Children of Men", is a brilliantly executed film, and I was always very appreciative of the long takes that were embedded within it. The effort that goes into crafting them has always fascinated me, especially after I first saw Goodfellas and that great Steadicam shot in it.

Thankfully Refocused Media have cut up a video showcasing all of the long takes featured in "Children of Men", some of them even even exceeding 90 seconds. That car scene still amazes me every time I see it.

Alfonso Cuaron has another film in the works called "Gravity" that stars Sandra Bullock and George Clooney. The sci-fi thriller is said to have a 17 minute long take at the start of the film. Can't wait to see that!!

via Doobybrain

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