Princes of the Universe - Intergalactic Honour [Cover Artwork]

What started as a 3D low poly tutorial from Greyscalegorilla evolved into a personal project that I have been trying to design for a while. If I was in a band what type of artwork would I create for it? First off the name of the band "Princes of the Universe" is inspired by the song Queen created for the film Highlander. The artwork itself revolves around the idea of intergalactic space knights treated with a high-end fashion like aesthetic. Experimenting with a low polygon 3D landscape, a male 3D model that came with Cinema 4D and a sword I created, the cover artwork started to come together and after a few layout concepts here is the finished design.

This was actually a pretty fun project and I might actually get this artwork printed in the near future. While any music from Princes of the Universe is long time coming check out a song I made under my other side project Morning Tiger Reconnaissance

If you have some spare time why not create your own album cover? Let your imagination run wild and most importantly have fun.

Sneaker Swap Meet - Sydney 2012

Tycho @ The Metro Theatre - Sydney 24/11/12