Vine: Twitter's Social Video App

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Twitter has unveiled it's own social video app in the form of Vine. After using the app over the past few days, I have found the user experience pretty enjoyable and the interface easy to navigate.

Vine app is pretty much like Instagram but with six second videos as your canvas. Capturing video is quite simple, just touch the screen and hold your finger there for however long you want to record your take for to fill the six seconds.

The app can share your video to Facebook but just as an image on the timeline, your friends will have to click on it to view the video. Scrolling through the feed in the app is quite the experience when videos posted from people you follow automatically play with sound.

You can like and comment on each Vine and add the obligatory #hashtag. While some might feel limited by the six second duration limit I think it's the right move. You don't want long videos on your feed, especially with mobile data downloads when you are on the go.

Overall I think Vine has definitely got legs and it's a pretty good entry into the social video app arena.

The only thing I would say is that for a social video app I couldn't find an official promo video for the app which is strange. In the meanwhile check out the hands-on demo by the guys from The Verge above.

For more info visit Vine

To get the free Vine app form the App Store click here.

via The Verge

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