Ann Hamilton - the event of a thread [ Installation ]

annhamilton Above photo from Ann Hamilton Studio





Images above are screenshots from Paul Octavious's video below.

the event of a thread from Paul Octavious on Vimeo.

I am absolutely captivated by Ann Hamilton's art installation at the Park Avenue Armory in NY. I really wish I was there to have seen it in person. Nonetheless I have this great video by Paul Octavious who visited the exhibit during it's run from December 5 2012 to January 6 2013.

The "the event of a thread" exhibit features large swings for people to ride on, which in turn effect the movement of a giant curtain arrangement in the centre of the space. At the end of each day an opera singer comes out to the balcony and sings as the pigeons are released from their wooden cages to fly around. Poetry and works by famous authors are read out by actors and broadcast to radios in paper bags littered around the installation.

Watching the video Octavious has made it is interesting to observe how the people occupy and make use of the space Hamilton has created. Looks like it would have been a very special experience.

For more information visit Ann Hamilton Studio or Park Avenue Armory

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