Beat Breakdown - The magic behind classic rap tracks [ YouTube Series ]

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Round of applause to YouTube user Sandurz (aka Andrew Atwood) and his brilliant video series Beat Breakdown. Atwood meticulously pulls apart some classic hip hop tracks and presents them in a way that is very approachable and easy to understand in a production sense. Isolating and identifying the samples and instruments that are used to build popular tracks by artists like Kanye West, Drake, UGK plus many more.

I have embedded a few of his Beat Breakdown videos above but there are plenty more to check out on his YouTube channel Sandurz. Atwood has also taken it a step further by providing the project files that are featured in his videos on his site Beat Breakdown. The files are provided in Maschine, FL Studio and Ableton formats for $2.99 a month.

Beat Breakdown also has a livestream component on Twitch where you can catch him recreating the tracks live or doing a critique of beats producers send in to him.

Seriously, hats off to Atwood for the effort he puts into his videos. Top stuff and a great resource for understanding how rap tracks are put together.

Beat Breakdown Twitter / YouTube

Source: AV Club

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Cabins - Illustrations by Cruschiform

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