TWA Flight Center - Photographed by Max Touhey

maxTouhey_Curbed_TWA_1 maxTouhey_Curbed_TWA_2





Hyperlapse of TWA Terminal from Curbed on Vimeo.

Just over 50 years has passed since Eero Saarinen's mid-century wonder, the TWA Flight Center was opened to the public. The bold curves and exquisitely fluid layout are still a marvel to behold. Closed off to the public since 2001, photographer Max Touhey was lucky enough to be given access to the site. He was able to capture the landmark in its current state before the plans for it to become a boutique hotel commence. While some might see this plan for transformation as a negative move, I look forward to being able to experience Saarinen's work in person next time I'm over in New York.

Venture over to the Curbed NY article to see plenty more of Max Touhey's TWA Flight Center images on display.

Source: Curbed NY

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